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Professional Background

Dr. Mahajan is a policy and government relations professional. She learned her way around bureaucracy and the policymaking processes through public sector employment, grassroots political action, and academic study. These experiences translate to creative, tailored insights for clients and collaborators. 

She began specializing in cannabis policy in 2015 as Senior Policy Analyst in San Francisco City Hall, where she championed small and legacy businesses in the policymaking process to implement Prop 64.

She has also analyzed and contributed to policy change related to elections, campaign finance, taxation, economic development, sustainability, land use, trade policy, and human trafficking. 

Academic Background

Menaka earned a PhD with training in public policy, political economy, and international relations.

Her doctoral research pinpointed factors that drive policy-making, particularly the interaction between government, business, and civil society.

She thrives within the complexity and interdisciplinary nature of the cannabis industry, drawing upon her unique research, analytical, and teaching skills.

Civic Engagement

Menaka is a volunteer media correspondent on the State of Cannabis News Hour, a nonprofit news network for industry insiders, policymakers, and the cannacurious.

She organizes policy education meetings for industry advocates, works on political campaigns & elections, and fosters rescue animals.

Check out Menaka's LinkedIn profile for more details.

Keep up with her musings and advocacy on Instagram.

Request services here.

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