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Cannabis Advisory Committee & Formal Rulemaking

In November 2017, the state agencies charged with regulating commercial cannabis activity issued their respective emergency rules. (The emergency rulemaking process was activated to allow the state to meet its obligation of issuing licenses beginning on 1/1/18.) The same state agencies must now engage in the next step of "regular rulemaking" (aka "formal rulemaking"). For more information on the rulemaking process, click here.

The function of the Cannabis Advisory Committee (CAC) is to "advise the licensing authorities on the development of standards and regulations ... including best practices and guidelines that protect public health and safety while ensuring a regulated environment for commercial cannabis activity that does not impose such barriers so as to perpetuate, rather than reduce and eliminate, the illicit market for cannabis."

The CAC has established ten Subcommittees. They will develop recommendations on various topics (see below) to provide to the state agencies as part of the formal rulemaking process. The Subcommittees will meet on 2/13/18 in Sacramento.

Tue, February 13, 2018, 9am-5pm

Sheraton Grand Hotel

1230 J Street

Sacramento, CA

Here is the schedule, including the recommendation areas that will be discussed by each Subcommittee:

9:00 AM

Enforcement Subcommittee – Bataglieri Room

a. Security Personnel Requirements

b. Advertising Rules and Placement

c. Unlicensed Activity

d. Local Government Coordination

Manufacturers Subcommittee – Beavis Room

a. Packaging Requirements

b. Child-Resistant Packaging

c. Products Attractive to Children

d. Employee Health and Safety

Microbusiness Subcommittee – Bondi Room

a. Type of Activities That Can Be Conducted

b. Security

Retailers Subcommittee – Compagno Room

a. Methods of Delivery

b. Advertising Rules and Placement

c. Operating Hours Limits

d. Delivery Hours Limits

e. Physical Requirements for Premises

Testing Laboratories Subcommittee – Falor Room

a. Product Specific Testing Requirements

b. Testing Results Expiration Dates c. Laboratory Standards and Certification

1:00 PM

Cultivators Subcommittee – Compagno Room

a. Cannabis Waste Disposal

b. Renewable Energy Requirements

c. Reinstating 1-Acre Cap

d. Canopy Requirements

e. Processor License

Distributors Subcommittee – Bondi Room

a. Secondary Storage “Hubs” For Transporting Goods Long Distances Within the State b. Tax Collection

Equity Subcommittee – Beavis Room

a. Criteria for State Cannabis Equity Program

b. Premises Requirements

c. Ownership Issues Implicated in Equity Program

Licensing Application Subcommittee – Falor Room

a. Process for Authorized Preparers

b. Excessive Concentration

c. Additional Information That Should Be Collected

Public Health and Youth Subcommittee – Bataglieri Room

a. Advertising Rules and Placement

b. Additional Regulations Related to the Impact of Cannabis on Youth and Public Safety

c. Youth Access to Cannabis Prevention Strategies

d. Data Collection


1/18/18: First meeting of 2018. Established subcommittees and planned topics for 2/13 meeting.

2/6/18: Deadline to submit written public comment for the 2/13 meeting. Submit here.

2/13/18: Second meeting of 2018. No webcast available. There will be opportunity to provide public comment.

3/1/18: Next Subcommittee meetings (tentative date).

3/15/18: Subcommittees report recommendations to the full CAC.